RESON PARTNERS has been continuously
chosen by many foreign affiliates and foreign individuals
due to 1.One-stop bilingual service by Japanese specialists on foreign countries
and 2. High-quality service for reasonable price.

Outsourcing Services

By outsourcing all necessary back office operations for doing business in Japan by one-stop RESONE PARTNERS will provide customers with an environment where they can focus more on business.


In cooperation with specialists basing on a partnership agreement, RESONE PARTNERS offers high quality services for reasonable price by its specialists with wide range of expertise in the fields of company establishment, visa acquisition, bookkeeping, payroll calculation, labor, payment agency, accounting and tax etc.


We also have rich experience at providing various services such as fund administration, support for IFRS-based financial reporting to the home country, and management accounting consulting which has been highly evaluated by our customers.

Outsourcing Services

Main handling duties

Bookkeeping services
We act as an agent for the customer’s bookkeeping business. By only receiving complete set of documents such as bank passbooks, invoices, expense reimbursement, etc., we will provide bookkeeping reports by the due date according to customers requests: monthly, quarterly and annually.
Payroll services
We perform payroll accounting service. Once you have provided the necessary data for the calculation, we will calculate the various deductibles such as social insurance and withholding tax, including the calculation of various allowances such as overtime and incentives, and provide pay slip.
Payments services
We perform the payment procedures on a monthly basis on behalf of the customer. In Japan, there are many cases where the payment method differs depending on various expenses such as taxes, social insurance, and the payment of public utility charges. Moreover, most of payees speak only Japanese, which leads to time-consuming procedures. Therefore, in order to minimize the administrative burden on our customers, we will carry out payment services on behalf of customers, for example, by storing information on customers’ internet banking.
In addition, by outsourcing the payment operations, our customers will benefit from the viewpoint of internal control by separating authorizers and payers.
Preparation for reporting package for head office
We provide service of creating financial reporting package for the parent company in your home country. We will create a package of accounting data in accordance with the format requested by the parent company, such as IFRS or US-GAAP from the accounting data created in accordance with Japanese tax law standards. We will prepare the reports with frequency according to the customer’s request, i.e monthly, quarterly and annually. In addition, we can offer one-stop service such as corresponding to the accounting-related requests from the parent company in English.
Fund administration services
We work as an agent for fund formation support and fund administration business in Japan. We have the experience and know-how on special issues different from those of ordinary companies such as fund formation support, accounting support, operation support, financial report creation support using schemes such as Investment Limitd Partnership (LPS) or Limited Liability Parntership (LLP).

Tax and Assurance Services

Japan’s tax system is very complicated and taxpayer’s tax burden is heavy when seen from global viewpoint. Therefore, tax planning is very important in doing business in Japan so getting advice from an expert with high expertise in international tax matters also becomes very important.


In addition to the experience and know-how accumulated since 2004, RESON PARTNERS offers high quality tax service by a Japanese/English bilingual Japanese experts having experience of working at Hong Kong and Singapore accounting offices for a reasonable price to foreign individuals or enterprises who plan to develop their business in Japan.


We can also provide various security services such as audits, reviews, AUP (Agreed Upon Procedures), etc. by experts with Certified Public Accountants degree in Japan.


Main handling duties


On-call tax advisory services
We will timely respond to the tax-related questions coming from our customers daily. Our experts familiar with Japanese accounting and tax matters will timely and accurately respond in Japanese or English. Also we can provide our service to customers living out of Japan or far away from Tokyo by Skype or phone.
Preparation and filing tax return
We will prepare and submit an annual tax return for corporate or individual customers.
In addition, for customers who are required to file a declaration, we will submit a consumption tax, depreciable property tax, business office tax declarations. We also provide monthly declararion for tax withholding that the corporations are obligated to collect and employee year-end adjustment duties.
Tax consulting services
We provide high-quality consulting services on various types of taxation such as corporate reorganization, M&A, foreign trade, Double Taxation Convention, and dividend scheme review. These high-quality tax consulting services are different in risk and difficulty level from daily taxation business procedures. In these cases we will conclude a separate contract according to each case, and carefully give advice while obtaining a second opinion from a lawyer at a partner company who has a high expertise in taxation.
Tax investigation support
In Japan, a certain number of enterprises and individuals are selected each year to take tax audits. During tax audits, we will support communication and negotiations with tax office staff.


Audit and review
Japanese certified public accountants conduct audits or reviews on financial results for the fiscal year and quarter, and express their opinions on whether the financial statements have been prepared properly. However, as the financial reports may not be accepted due to the independent viewpoint of clients,we will discuss this case separately.
AUP(Agreed Upon Procedures)
Based on the content agreed with the customer in advance, a Japanese certified public accountant will conduct a survey and report its results to the client.

Cross-boarder M&A Services

When conducting cross-border M&A you need to understand not only accounting, law, taxation, but also local language, business customs, nationality, etc., which means this is quite a difficult task.


At RESON PARTNERS, we can provide high quality services by experts who are familiar with M&A practice in Japan, and support the whole deal regarding M&A, such as FA (Financial Advisor), due diligence, valuation, PMI (Post Merger Integration), etc.




Cross-boarder M&A Services

Main handling duties

FA (Financial Advisor) Services
We have abundant experience as advisors on both buy-side and sell-side regarding M & A for operating companies and buyout funds. We also have abundant experience in cross-border M & A advisory services for both In-Out and Out-In (acquisition of Non-Japanese companies by Japanese companies, acquisition of Japanese companies by Non-Japanese companies). If the target company is located outside Japan, we will support the deal globally by collaborating with the accounting firm’s partner in each country.
Financial and Tax due diligence
We have involvement record of about 10 cases in financial and tax due diligence matters for operating companies and buyout funds annually.
We have a good reputation for services from the viewpoint of anticipation of the share transfer agreement after due diligence, management agreement and value increase (PMI) after acquisiton by experts who understand the whole picture of M & A deal, and regarding the cross-border projects, we also have plenty of correspondence results.
We perform a wide range of calculation operations such as stock price calculation and corporate value calculation for capital transactions of operating companies, merger ratio at reorganization, and share exchange ratio. In addition, we can respond to PPA (Purches Price Allocation), which has become increasingly important in recent years, with a quality that can withstand accounting audits.
Based on abundant evaluation record in the past, we have received favorable reviews for evaluation services that meet the needs of our customers while minimizing the risk from the accounting and tax viewpoint.
PMI(Post Merger Integration)
The success or failure of M&A totally depends on how the post-acquisition business integration is carried out. RESON PARTNERS will support Japanese companies PMI after acquisition, primarily in terms of accounting, tax and financial reporting. In particular, if the company in the home country is a listed company, it is possible to restructure from Japanese Standards to IFRS.


The range of our customers widely range from foreign individuals owning real estate in Japan
to enterprises with sales amount over 10 billion yen.
We are dealing with clients from different countries from Asia to North America
and receiving support from global enterprises worldwide, which is our feature.


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By Industry

Total number of clients: 120 (including individual business)
(As of the end of February 2019)

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